Digital innovation for 20 years

Data Capture Specialists for HR, AP and AI

Est. 1997

ISO 27001


Est. 1997

ISO 27001

Our Story

At Netdocs Digital Mailroom Solutions we have 21 years of experience in transformining unstructured data for blue chip customers.

Our customers data resides in Microsoft Azure data centres, delivering unparalleled levels of data security.

With robust ASP.Net MVC applications we prepare any data format for workflow, Machine Learning training and archive.

Who we are

We are a team of document management specialists.

We have secured in excess of 250,000 employee record sets for global employers.

We process in excess of 25,000 supplier invoces per day.

Our platforms enable training data to be produced for machine learning automation.

Our Vision

ML and AI are changing the way we do work and business

We offer Data Discipline and ML Training Data to end users and new ML and AI technology innovators.