Secure processing

The transition from paper to electronic data has created more complexity in the capture and management of business data.

10 years ago, when organisations used to post, print and scan, life was simple. A modern Digital Mailroom now needs to cater for a large number of file formats and supply chains.

To meet this challenge Netdocs has invested in technologies ranging from Upload facilities, Email systems, SFTP, Web Jobs, Logic Apps, ML and AI. These all play a role when processing data for workflow solutions in AP and HR.

We continuously evaluate how new technology can enhance the offering to our customers. They stay with us as they don’t want to invest in fast moving technology that isn’t core to their business.

We have moved from feeding on premise document management systems, to simple hosting solutions, to a modern ASP.Net workflow and archive PaaS platform hosted in Microsoft Azure data centre’s in the UK.

We guarantee that your data is never processed or stored outside the UK.

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