Simplify your digital transformation in HR

HRSafe at a glance

Single source of truth

We assist with the implementation of new-generation HR systems by creating a single source of truth for current and legacy data.

Digital mailroom

We collect all paper and electronic files, convert, index and classify these in a structured format. Going forward new data can be uploaded, emailed or transferred via SFTP.

Data management

Your HR data is securely stored in Azure. Access can be restricted by department, location and document type on the “need-to-know” principle.

Reduce licence cost

Manage onboarding and change of details via web forms, upload photos and electronic documents, workflow to the SSC and mobile access are all facilitated without requiring HR System licences.

Survive and thrive in an era of digital transformation

HRSafe is an API-connected cloud platform designed to complement any HR and payroll solution.

Supported by our digital mailroom service, we manage all your data generated by the traditional HR process. You benefit from a single source of truth and reduced HR operation and licensing costs.

100% GDPR compliance guaranteed.

Key features

Single source

In our digital mailroom we consolidate your HR data into a Single Source of Truth. Having secured your data, you can explore the opportunities offered by an ever-expanding range of technology vendors with minimum risk.

Azure cloud

The HRSafe solution is hosted on Azure Platform as a Service, a safe haven for data across the globe. We host in country of origin and connect any HR system to provide your HR partners with the best journey possible.

ML and AI

HRSafe creates a big data platform so now you can evaluate the benefits of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to your business without compromising the integrity of your core data asset.

Solution modules

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Legacy data

Digital mailroom

Reduce licence costs

Onboarding and COD

Right to work


Ongoing data


Data deletion




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