The game-changing accounts payable portal to support digital transformation in finance

SupplierSafe at a glance

No capex

We invest in AP technology and use our scale to keep your costs down and our performance on top.

Digital mailroom

Forward supplier emails, attachments and paper invoices to the Netdocs Digital Mailroom for capture and matching.

Change the dialogue

Facilitate direct dialogue between buyers, suppliers and warehouses without involving AP in query resolution.

Separate AP from ERP

Manage requisitions, authorisations and invoice matching via the API integrated SupplierSafe Portal without the need to access finance systems.

Reduce ERP licence costs

90% of AP activities are managed in the SupplierSafe portal negating the need for ERP licences.

Survive and thrive in an era of digital transformation

SupplierSafe is an API-connected cloud platform designed to complement any ERP installation.

Supported by our digital mailroom service, we remove all but essential activities from the traditional AP process. You benefit from increased visibility and reduced processing and licencing cost.

100% PPC compliance guaranteed.

Key features


Take AP to the cloud; complete requisitions; authorise invoices and resolve match queries without logging in to your ERP.

Remove invoice receipt data capture and matching from your finance teams.

Enable global access.


Download accrual reports on the fly, review buyer and supplier performance, improve your goods receipt process.

Import your AP data into your BI tools to achieve continuous improvement.

Total visibility.


Free up AP staff to deliver value add, improve supplier relations and reduce cost without investing in new technologies.

Continue to raise purchase orders in your ERP and only import clean data to make supplier payments.

Reduce your licence cost.

Solution modules

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Expense requisition

Expense authorisation


Invoice processing

PO query management

Supplier portal

Change dialogue

Increased visibility

PPC compliance

Reduced ERP licence cost

ML and AI

Audit and archive

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